We are a Maryland-based event management company that specializes in corporate event management and weddings. We truly believe that the best things in life are not found in things but moments. Our team handles the executive planning, styling, and various decorations of your choice on your special day or event. We also provide cultural attire, traditional jewelry, and handmaids.

Our team assists in identifying the perfect venues, design invitations, dresses, transportation, catering, waitstaff, hair and makeup, backdrop designs, photos, videos coverages among others.

We partner with the best vendors to fit your desires and budget on your special day.

Making dreams come true

Hi! I am Barbara Tchinjo. I truly believe in elevating experiences, engaging and inspiring people everywhere through event design. Good event designs create opportunities for interactions and memorable experiences. Come. Let's talk about your ideas and vision and I will turn them into reality.

Barbara Tchinjo Kuate
Co-Founder & Creative Director


Life is about moments. Don't wait for them, create them